Your Crime-solving Skills Needed for Notorious Gangster Puppy

There's been a rash of crimes lately at my house. I know who the culprit is, just need to know the 'how'.

The Perp

Known on the streets as "Skoshi."  Don’t let the cute name or picture fool you.  She’s a six-time offender. 

The Background

In a weak moment, I agreed to foster this now 6-months-old female terrier puppy. The Pups and Pals Rescue group from Los Alamitos never disclosed to me how she would exploit me with her excessive adorableness. (I just made up that word, or perhaps it’s just poor grammar. Skoshi has driven me to this). 

The Crime

When I go to the ‘powder room’, because she’s not housebroken, I diligently prop up a doggy gate so there's no room for her to get through, blocking her from the side of the house where there's a lot of carpet.

So here I am, thinking this part of my house is safe, I can "go" in peace.  And in saunters Skoshi like she doesn’t have a care in the world, sitting on the floor in front of me, allowing me no privacy whatsoever.  But why would I expect more from this unrepentant trespasser.

Afterwards, I check the gate to determine point of entry. Perhaps the gate is knocked down or moved? Not an inch.

The Crime Scene

See picture of the doggy gate above. Note that both sides of the gate or either flush or close to flush with the wall on one side, the balustrade on the other. Whatever space is there is not large enough for a 10-lb. pup to fit through without knocking the barrier down, or moving the gate, since it’s not attached.

I’ve never seen her jump over the barrier, but can’t rule it out.

Note the picture taken in the step-down living room where it’s possible she might be jumping up and through the rails. However, have never seen her do it, nor have I overheard her talking to my other dogs about it.

One of my dogs is Noodles, a doxie mix, and Skoshi's BFF.  I have to consider, as painful as it is, that he’s thrown me under the bus and is Skoshi's accomplice in this caper while still smiling and acting so nicey-nice when I feed him, provide tasty snacks, and rub his tummy. 

I’m not being paranoid! I’ve seen Skoshi jump on Noodles’ back many times and try to ride him like a horse. Noodles may be providing his back as a step stool.  I feel so used and dirty.

I implore you, please put on your best sleuth hat and help me solve this case!

Skoshi is available for adoption. (Yeah. That’s the ticket!)  The Pups and Pals Rescue page for Skoshi on Petfinder.com is HERE.  Skoshi’s a little bigger than in the picture--now about 10 lbs. The description says her hair is silky but its wirey like with most terriers. Don't miss the video to see her adorableness in action. Video taken approximately 8/15/11, she's grown even a little bit since then.

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tom September 04, 2011 at 09:13 AM
Maybe the little Gangster needs to find a Gangster family, so they can work the neighborhood for big-time buried bones.
Pat C. September 05, 2011 at 04:45 AM
I vote for Skoshi jumping up and through the rails. Put a treat on the other side and see if she will jump up and through them.
Robin Barr September 08, 2011 at 04:39 AM
Update: Hand Pat C. the bone! A friend who was over visiting witnessed Skoshi jump up and through the rails. The little rascal.
Oliver Yu September 09, 2011 at 03:06 PM
I personally own a Jack Russell and I can tell you that even as a puppy, he could easily clear that divider. We ended up raising the wall from a about a 3ft divider to about a 5ft one, and the dog was smart enough to move chairs and objects around to clear it.
Robin Barr September 10, 2011 at 04:36 PM
Oliver - Keyword "Jack Russell". LOL. Skoshi thinks she's a Jack Russell. I've never seen such an energetic, wiggly, can't hold still little dog, although she does have her moments in her alternate life as a lap dog. If anyone is interested in meeting Skoshi, she'll be at the Tustin Petsmart National Adoption day tommorrow, Sunday, 9/11/11 from 11am-5pm.


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