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911 Tapes Released of Mission Viejo High School…

60 Mission Viejo Teachers on Chopping Block

Two dozen Capo Valley High teachers would be let go, along with deep cuts at Hankey and Newhart middle schools, if the school district makes good on its layoff notices. Here's a list of affected teachers.

Mission Viejo would lose 60 teachers if the makes good on all the layoff notices it sent area teachers.

One school could lose two dozen teachers. Another could lose 60 percent of its teaching staff. Yet another could lose its Spanish immersion staff.

would lose the most, with 24 teachers on the layoff list.

  • Read the chart below this article to see who is on the layoff list.

The list includes coaches, assistant principals and a department chair. Special education teachers make up 18 percent of the total who may lose their jobs.

Others with threatened jobs include music teachers, English teachers and science teachers, as well as grade-school teachers.

stands to lose much of its dual immersion program staff. Five of the eight teachers from that school belong to a program that teachers students Spanish throughout the school day.

To read why the district finds itself in this bind, and how this year's laid-off teachers may not be rehired as in years past, .


Bathgate Elementary

Name Year Hired  Status


Notes                Jeanie Arthur
 2006 Rehired/temp
Special Ed
Mild/Moderate            Rebecca Heinsen 2010 Temporary Special Ed Mild/Moderate          

Capistrano Valley High

Chad Addison
 2008 Temporary Math
Mark Ahlberg 2009 Temporary Life Science Coach Girls Basketball, Head Coach JV Football Kent Baker 2005 Permanent Art
Richard Bordner 2009 Temporary English Wrestling Coach Sarah Clarke 2006 Rehired/temp
Kristen Crawford 2011 Temporary Physical Science
Erin Girard 2007 Rehired/temp
Henry Gonzalez 2011 Temporary Special Ed Mild/Moderate Candace Harrington 2009 Temporary Math
Amanda Jean 2008 Temporary Math
Dina Kubba 2007 Rehired/temp
Christina Lee 2005 Rehired/temp
Shannon Maltby 2010 Temporary Spanish
Heather Martin 2008 Temporary English
Andrew Mashburn 2006 Rehired/temp
Social Sciences Defensive Back Coach (Football) Melissa Moen 2007 Rehired/temp
Ashly Ogden 2010 Temporary Special Ed Mild/Moderate Morgan Peternell 2011 Temporary English
Lynn Sanchez 2006 Rehired/temp
Brittany Sola Pelzel 2011 Temporary Spanish
Bruce Ridill 2006 Rehired/temp
Jason Sorrell 2007 Rehired/temp
English Boys Soccer Coach Emily Tucker 2006 Rehired/temp
Andreas Waldukat 2005 Rehired/temp

Castille Elementary

Caitlin Atencio 2009 Temporary Special Ed Moderate/Severe Autism

Carl Hankey Elementary

Angela Cantacessi 2001 Rehired/temp
First Grade
Stacy Rumpf 2001 Rehired/temp
Third Grade Assistant Principal Elisa Schoonover 2001 Rehired/temp
Fifth Grade

Carl Hankey Middle

Brianne Aleman 2010 Temporary Physical Science
Mary Danna 2011 Temporary Life Science
Sherri George 2007 Rehired/temp
English Department Chair Tiffany Hall 2006 Rehired/temp
Rocky Paterno 2010 Temporary Phys Ed
Richard Perez 2004 Rehired/temp
Gina Poteet 2004 Rehired/temp
Ryan Smith 2010 Temporary Math

Fred Newhart Middle
Danielle Chappas 2011 Temporary Life Science
Debra Franzi 2002 Rehired/temp
Sixth Grade
Barbara Kollar 2011 Temporary Special Ed Moderate/Severe Maribeth McFaul 2010 Temporary Art
Kathryn Morrell 2011 Temporary English
Katherine Olsen 2006 Rehired/temp
Life Science
Shawna Puma 2006 Rehired/temp
Reannah Sartoris 2005 Rehired/temp
Karen Styles 2009 Temporary Special Ed Moderate/Severe Lisa Wilcox 2011 Temporary Math

Phillip J. Reilly Elementary

Reagan Hernandez 2010 Temporary Special Ed Mild/Moderate Lori Kovacs 2011 Temporary Special Ed Moderate/Severe Deanna Phillips 2010 Temporary Special Ed Mild/Moderate

Viejo Elementary

Jesus Becerra 2005 Rehired/temp
Kindergarten Assistant Principal, Dual Immersion Raquel Behar 2011 Temporary First Grade Dual Immersion Kimberly Belmont 2002 Temporary Teacher on Special Assignment (Intervention Teacher) Sandra Farias 2008 Temporary Kindergarten Assistant Principal, Dual Immersion Irma Fernandez 2010 Temporary Special Ed Mild/Moderate Denyve Jalalian 2011 Temporary First Grade Dual Immersion Cherise Narr 2010 Temporary Kindergarten Dual Immersion Karen Primack 2003 Rehired/temp

OC Mom April 17, 2012 at 05:45 PM
It's a shame that all of these newer, untenured teachers might lose their postitions while James Corbett over at Capo Valley gets to continue mocking students with Christian beliefs in his AP History class while the taxpayers pay for him to vacation in Europe each Summer while he is "teaching." Just one of the many injustices in our district. We shouldn't be laying off any Math or Science teachers regardless of how many years they have on the job. If they are effective as teachers then they should remain in their jobs. Our students need expert instruction in Science and Math in order to compete in the global marketplace.
Peter Schelden April 17, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Thanks for your comments, OC MOM. It's tough to know where to make cuts. Where would you trim the budget at CUSD?
OC Mom April 17, 2012 at 11:42 PM
Hi Peter, Maybe CUSD can eliminate some administrative positions that can be consolidated. Maybe they can buy supplies and textbooks online or wherever they can get them for the best price, rather than only thru District approved vendors. I posted on another story that the OCDE CHEP and ACCESS Programs take over 37 Million and 111Million Dollars of taxpayer money to pay for homeschooling and educating youth at risk of dropping out of High School. Some of those programs are redundant because CUSD is offering the new Online High School and elementary programs in order to recover some of this lost revenue. There is also another alternative ED program in Dana Point I believe. I think the OCDE should be eliminated and any redundant program that is taking taxpayer money that could be used in CUSD. I know people who are using these various programs and I've mentioned the high cost to some of them. I'm not sure what over $23K a year per student for the CHEP (Community Home Education Program) is going to when the kids are primarily educated at home using State approved textbooks that are returned at year end and a few consumable workbooks. There are a few Art, Music, Science and Social studies workshops each month. Usually one in each subject. Why is this program costing taxpayers this much money?
alphanumericone April 18, 2012 at 06:38 PM
I'm not sure how to say this without my disdain for CUEA bleeding through. IB Trained, Department Chair, Teacher of the Year... Pink Slip every year. I think there are some clear examples to illustrate the importance of finding a way to keep the best teachers other than a date they were first hired.


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