Debate: Is Mark Sanchez a Starter or a Backup?

Two former NFL wide receivers debate whether Mark Sanchez should start for the Jets or ride the pine.

It's been a tough year for Mission Viejo hometown football hero Mark Sanchez.

The New York Jets have six wins, seven losses. Two weeks ago, Sanchez was benched in the second half against the Arizona Cardinals. Last Sunday the team beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Sanchez completed only 111 passing yards and lost one fumble.

Sanchez has been plagued by mistakes, former NFL wide receiver J.J. Stokes told Fox Sports.

“Mark Sanchez seems not to want to throw the deep ball," Stokes said. "He seems to not have confidence in himself sometimes. He makes simple mistakes quarterbacks should not make, especially with the years he has in the league."

Former NFL wide receiver Curtis Conway, a USC alum like Sanchez, said Mission Viejo's best-paid athlete is improving.

"If you look at Mark Sanchez’s numbers over the last three years, his numbers have improved in some major categories," Conway said.

But the Jets' decision to bring on Tim Tebow as a backup quarterback has hurt Sanchez's confidence, he said:

"That confidence has been taken away from Mark Sanchez. Bringing Tebow in puts your job on the line everytime you go out to play."

What do you think? Should Mark Sanchez be a starting quarterback in the NFL? TELL US IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.

upton December 13, 2012 at 12:47 AM
I've never thought sanchez was very good.
Vincent Grimaldi December 13, 2012 at 02:42 AM
marc December 13, 2012 at 08:14 AM
Sanchez I don't think has lost very many games when they were wining.he's a clutch player/ only games with bad starts have they lost and other qbs like Romo, Rivers lose games when they are wining !he's solid as far as that and there a balance in his playing when he has some help - just like last week against jaguar 4th quarter that third down completion was huge- and for as bad as some say he is they probably were expecting a interception


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