Diary of a Diablo: Soccer Practice Makes Track and Field Perfect

Mission Viejo soccer player and track and field athlete Gabi Hammell shares her journal for week ending Feb. 22.

Hey, readers. We started track this week past and it's a lot of fun. They started off the soccer girls easy. The first day we just learned the warm-up and did it with the rest of the track girls, and after running a timed 100 meters, we got to do a cool-down, then go home.

While we were jogging over to the starting line, we were told we could walk over there. It was a new feeling to not have to hurry everywhere you go in fear of being made to run even more. I think we all really enjoy how much more relaxed track is than soccer.

Right before running the 100, everyone was panicking, afraid they wouldn't do well. You had to make it in under 15 seconds to be able to do that event in a meet, so the pressure was on. We went in threes and when you're sprinting that fast, it feels really good and I've never felt so competitive in running until that moment. I ended up getting 14.81 seconds which is good but I feel like I can improve more.

On Tuesday, our coach wanted to test us on the long jump. One girl who can jump 18 feet came over and taught us the proper technique and it was a bit complicated. There are so many things to remember while you're doing your jump that you always tend to forget a few things. My farthest was only 11 feet and 9 inches so I was pretty disappointed, but I am just going to focus on my strength, which is

Our first meet is March 5 so all the soccer girls joined in with the rest of track pretty quickly. By Wednesday, we were doing the normal workout with them. We had to go through a sort of obstacle course eight times and it wasn't that bad. A lot of girls were really winded though, but all the soccer girls did it with relative ease. It made me sort of thankful for all the insane fitness we did in soccer practice because without it, I wouldn't be as fit as I am now. Thought I am nervous, I am really looking forward to this track season.



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