Have You Seen Rex Ryan's Mark Sanchez Tattoo?

The New York Jets head coach says the tattoo stays so long as Sanchez plays well.

Rex Ryan's not afraid to show his support for Mission Viejo High alum Mark Sanchez. At least when his shirt's off.

Ryan, head coach of the New York Jets, was recently photographed in the Bahamas with a tattoo on his right bicep of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey—and nothing more.

Ryan told reporters Tuesday he's had the tattoo for nearly three years, around the same time Sanchez was drafted from USC to become the Jets' lead quarterback.

"I've been married 25 years and through my eyes, my wife's the most beautiful woman in the world," Ryan told the New York Daily News.

He also said if the QB doesn't perform, Ryan will have his skin art touched up to remove Sanchez's number 6 from the jersey.


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