Mark Sanchez Responds to Jets' Tebow Trade

Calling Tim Tebow "a new wrinkle," Mark Sanchez now has competition for quarterback despite what the team owner says.

Tim Tebow has Hollywood written all over him, but the reigning quarterback on Broadway said the two could coexist in the media capital of the world.

Mark Sanchez, the alum who now throws for the New York Jets, finally broke his silence about the team's acquisition of Tebow in a trade with the Denver Broncos.

Sanchez, who played at USC before leaving after his junior season to be the Jets' only pick of the 2009 draft—and who guided the team to the AFC championship game in his first two season—said Monday that he welcomed Tebow's presence. He called Tebow "a new wrinkle" to the offense.

Tebow was traded after Denver acquired free agent Peyton Manning. Sanchez spoke several hours after Tebow was introduced to New York media in a huge press conference.

It sets up an interesting situation now with the Jets, who aren't exactly the most stable team in the NFL. Anonymous players criticized Sanchez's work ethic after the team failed to reach the playoffs, the Jets gave Sanchez a three-year extension worth more than $40 million, and then they acquired the world's most admired athlete in Tebow.

Read Sporting news columns about the Tebow trade here and about Tebow's press conference and Sanchez's response here.


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