"Prelude in Paris" Brings Chess, Symphony Saturday

A waiter's race, blindfolded chess and a symphony will be in Mission Viejo Saturday.

Looking for something to do this weekend?

On Saturday, Mission Viejo will bring a smorgasboard of events to the .

It's the annual "Prelude in the Park," this time with a Parisian twist. The chess tournament starts at noon, but most events begin at 4 p.m. The symphony starts at 7 p.m.


  • A waiters race and obstacle course
  • Blindfolded chess with live human chess pieces
  • Art workshops and other family activities
  • Classical and pop music from Orange County's Pacific Symphony

This is the first year for the waiters race, which was begun by Councilman after seeing something similar in Paris, said Ashley Blair, community services supervisor for the city.

The waiters race will include an obstacle course with cones, ladders, saloon doors and more. Here are some of the Mission Viejo restaurants participating:

Leckness said the chess tournament will offer something for the "mathletes" in town.

"People think of Mission Viejo as football stars and tennis queens, but with this we want to cater to the intellectuals," he said.

The winner waiter gets $500, runner-up gets $300 and second runner-up gets $100, courtesy of .

Mayor Pro Tem Dave Leckness July 26, 2012 at 08:38 PM
"okay, okay cease fire" the tennis queen comment was suppose to be charming and endearing...alright, it didn't work. Anyways, this Saturday is going to be an explosive day with all kinds of fun activities. Starting at noon, we'll have a huge Chess Tournament, culminating with a life size chessboard with real humans as chess pieces, pitting yours-truly against a blind-folded Chess Master from Europe. But wait there's more: At around five we'll have Orange County's first Waiters Race. All the great restaurants of Mission Viejo will be vying for the $500.00 first prize courtesy of South County Lexus. Then at seven, Carl St Claire and the Pacific Symphony will take the stage for a FREE hometown concert. "It's nice to have Mission Viejo around the house" See you there.
Dan Avery July 26, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Councilman, I was just jerking yer chain. I do that you know. Ever since you didn't make me Czar of Books. :) So is it too late to get a bet down on the blindfolded guy kicking your butt? What are the odds by the way? :)
Peter Schelden July 26, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Thanks for that info, Dave. We'll have video of the fun next week for those who can't make it--or for those who want to try to spot their friends and family!
Shripathi Kamath July 26, 2012 at 10:32 PM
It was charming and endearing until Avery flip-flopped on it, Councilman Leckness. He lies when he says he doesn't resent being called a "tennis queen". But bygones shall be bygones. Look out for cheerleaders on the sidelines as you crush the show-off from Europe (is that even a country anymore?) Helpful hints like "You call that castling, Leckness? A tennis queen would do better" "OK, check mate him, check mate him, check mate HIM NOW! AWWWWWRGH, not that dumb move again!" "You sacrificed a pawn? For what? There you go, apologizing for Mission Viejo again!"
James Bennett November 13, 2012 at 04:00 AM
It's a great event where people get to view both sports and Chess at one location. And it isn't the usual boardgame that we watch on TV but this is life-size Chess with humans as the Chess pieces which makes it all more interesting. This event is definitely something that every member of the family would get to enjoy. - http://www.chesssets.co.uk


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