Developing America's Natural Gas Sector

A reasonable way to resolve Americas problems!

Before the 2012 election process I released 2 blogs “The energy economy” and “energy vehicles of value.”  It’s important to present more information on why the natural gas vehicle is a reasonable way to solve complex problems. 


According to the pickens plan.org the United States imports over 60% of its crude oil.  The majority of these oil imports are from what I opine to be questionably allianced nations.  In 2011 the total for oil imports was 3324 million barrels of crude oil. (infoplease.com/ipa/aooo/4724.html)  Considering that 29% of the total US energy market is in the transportation sector and that 94% of this fuel is petroleum based, I believe that the opportunity for American harvested natural gas exists.


2012’s hurricane season brought destruction halting offshore oil production and oil refineries in several states.  This summer also hosted large oil refinery fires in Venezuela and California increasing already high petroleum gas prices.  This is in addition to an existing compromised energy grid that depends on the Hoover Dam’s hydroelectricity capacity through the drought season.


During the presidential campaign President Barack Obama asked congress to continue to fund the electric vehicle program.  There are reports of publicly funded electric vehicle parts companies failing, 1 in Illinois wasting millions of tax payers dollars.  This money of course could have been saved or better spent elsewhere.  One of the basic conservative philosophies is to have a way to pay for proposed programs.  This equates into having an antidote to the poison of government intervention.


Personally, I support common sense legislation.  Why not ask congress to support funding natural gas filling stations?  This action would make it possible to make the natural gas vehicle market real!  Your support is necessary for this to materialize.


  • In 2009 the United States consumed 126,773,3888,000 gallons of refined gasoline (ethanol included)  (American fuels.blogspot.com/2010/04/2009-gasoline-consumption.html.) Gasoline usage is 61% of the transportation fuel market.  Diesel fuel accounts for 21% of the transportation fuel market that totals roughly $750 billion dollars combined.  According to T. Boone Pickens, natural gas fuel for vehicles would be priced between $1.50 and $2.00 per gallon.
  • For this article and proposal sake, as an initial goal if 1/3 of the $750 billion dollar gas and diesel transportation market were natural gas fueled vehicles, it would   create an estimated $125 billion dollar reciprocal domestic fuel economy.  This cyclical trickle around economy would have a massive positive American impact. 
  • At the current $1.50-$2.00 per gallon price it would also save the natural gas vehicle driver and or vehicle owning company $125 billion dollars per year.  This is a tertiary benefit that helps compensation and corporate profit to meet in the middle.  Lets say that you own an average automobile and you consume an average of $40.00 per week of gasoline.  This to me seems like a realistic figure.  You would save $20.00 a week with a natural gas fueled vehicle, which is $1040 per year saved!  Is the extra $1000 per year worth your support?  I hope so!  On the other side, as a business manager or owner doesn’t the cost savings provided by this form of fuel help profitability, providing working capital, and possibly promote company growth actions?  Does this help to garner support?
  • The American jobs created as a result of a new emerging market could give both Detroit and other car manufacturing locations a real domestic competitive advantage if the opportunity is seized.
  • Considering that Natural Gas vehicles emits 50% less carbon emitions than traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles, environmentalist should support NGV’s just for the immediate ecological impact of this technology.   That is unless there are no real environmentalists just posers! 
  • Transportation is 29% of the total energy market, with usage increasing.  The argument that lower fueling prices limits green energy doesn’t have to be the case or mutually exclusive. 1/3 of the transportation market is only 7% of total energy consumption in the United States.
  • Without compromising luxury or safety like many recent vehicle models Natural Gas Vehicles can handle heavy duty and is better on gas mileage than petroleum fueled vehicles.  This may bring back the possibility of the more robust vehicle and possibly the muscle car market.  As evidence to this when watching old movies notice the car crashes and damage, then read the current highway crash test reports, or observe the new line of police vehicles and formulate your own opinion on the vehicles (past and present) integrity.  I don’t know if any of the older more robust vehicles will ever return, but from a consumer’s standpoint why not with Natural Gas Vehicles?
  • Natural Gas is in abundant domestic supply.  According to Anga.us there are four trillion cubic feet of known Natural Gas reserves and counting in the United States.  This knowledge answers any questions or insecurities of supply.  Human error leading to accidents happen, intentional actions occur, and propagandized movies are made however; Natural gas extraction, pipelines, refining, and transportation is safe and not as weather dependant as other forms of energy. It will create a more consistent process and priced market.  Safety precautions and working efficiencies is part of the continually improving process of natural gas extraction.
  • Research and development isn’t as costly as with electric vehicles or as with making gasoline vehicles more fuel efficient.  As a matter of fact Natural Gas has been fueling fork lifts and other power equipment for decades.  This is the real world example to answer capability questions to this viable fuel source.
  • Both former GE CEO Jack Welsch and Pickens Plan founder T. Boone Pickens have been outspoken advocates for Natural Gas and Natural Gas Vehicles.  They both argue that this fuel source could change the American economy and unemployment level as well as the quality of many American families lives.  I would add that a raising living standards should always be an American goal.  However; both Mr. Welsch and Mr. Pickens agree that nothing will be done without investors and popular support. 
  • At the 2012 Republican National convention former secretary of state Condoleeza Rice during her magnificent speech said, “You cannot be reluctant to lead and you cannot lead from behind.”  I am asking you to lead on this issue.  The question to ask is not how can we, but why can’t we?  I am asking you to spread the word, send of link of this blog, and above all contact your elected congressional leaders and tell them that you support funding Natural Gas filling stations and a real Natural Gas vehicle program. 
  • Word of mouth and forcing action on this issue will provide drastic and great positive change.  If your observant then you know the real issues that the American economy faces and American workers deal with.  This plan is the best way to safely increase revenue while reducing dependence on foreign energy supplies. 
  • The threat of increasing gas prices and sky rocketing oil usage from redeveloping countries like China and India exists.  This is a real long term concern for American gasoline suppliers.  Energy supply is of global concern.  Whats the best answer for American prosperity and energy security?  Natural Gas Vehicles! 
  • Please support making this possibility real.  Whats in it for you? Cheaper fuel, a more robust vehicle, and possibly a higher quality career and life.  It’s common sense and it’s domestically harvested which means dependable non out source able careers, fuel and profit is on the table. 
  • When leaders speak of nation building, and how to revitalize our homeland I say that the natural gas vehicle is a real nation building program that will provide the best positive change since the original Americana period after the great depression.
  • Most of you know that to actually pass a piece of legislation with Presidential signature requires a lot of due diligence and perseverance.  This is why I need your help and support.  The needed footwork creates the political capital that will be needed to make history while recapitalizing this great country at the same time. If your interested in driving a better vehicle while saving a $1000 per year in fuel without a government rebate then here’s how you can help.  
  • Here’s what you can do:  Copy my blogs and post them in other blog sites
  • Email or call your elected representatives and let them know that you support funding natural gas filling stations.
  • Email a link of these blogs to people that you know.


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