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A native of Orange County, I come from a family of educators and consider myslef a life long student.  I have earned two bachelor degrees from the University of California Santa Barbara, and went on to earn my MBA from the University of Phoenix Arizona.  As an entrepreneur, I formed Foland Financial Corporation and have consulted for several small to mid-sized companies in the fields of Construction, Mortgage, Finance, and Life Insurance.  Currently a consultant, working as Program Director for Zen Dojos Martial Arts Academy in San Juan Capistrano, I have formed the organization Bully Buster OC to tackle the “bullying” issue that I see so many children struggle with.  Being bullied as a kid, and seeing the need for Bully Buster training in the community, I have been working closely with different community groups, schools, and organizations to push awareness of bullying in and out of schools.
Using my experience as black belt in Taekwando, and veteran Black Belt Karate instructor, I have developed a unique "Bully-Buster" Workshop for Kids and Parents of Orange County.   The workshop is designed to arm kids with the knowhow to handle bullies in a non-violent way, learning how to avoid potentially harmful situations, resolve problems as they arise, and manage the conflict if it gets to the physical level.   I have written a Bully Buster Parent Resource Guide that is now available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords! I am working on a children’s book that helps kids avoiding being “Bully Bait,” and have helped in developing a piece of technology to combat cyberbullying called WordBully.  I have a passion for sharing my thoughts through words, and hope that you enjoy reading my various insights on different matters.  I encourage feedback and believe that educated online dialogue digs deeper at real issues helping to spark valuable thoughts while working towards solutions. 
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