Mr Verns Exanthum Oil
Compounder / Homeopathy Promoter
My name is Steven Max Bell. I compound and sell a product called "Mr Verns Exanthum Oil". It eradicates gout pain quickly , oftentimes in 24 hours or less. My product is a topical proprietary blend of all natural oils that has been around since 1908. While the eradication of gout pain (long term) is it's primary purpose , it has also been found very effective in significantly alleviating pain associated with arthritis , RA , tendonitis , bursitis and chondrocalcinosis. While MVEO is homeopathic in nature , it has the distinction of being endorsed by Vin Tran Dr of Pharmacology and owner / proprieter of TBT Pharmacy in Huntington Beach Ca (714 - 622 - 5877). Rare is the product that can garner praise from proponents of homeopathy and pharmacology. MVEO is revered by both for the simple reason that it works. While there may not yet be a cure for gout , there is absolutely a remedy for the pain of gout that does not involve costly pharmaceuticals and a laundry list of contraindications. If you are suffering with gout , thinking outside the box could bring an end to that pain. Mveogoutdeath@gmail.com for info and ordering.
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